Grimnir preparing ritual ash
“Wotan Mit Uns” (Odin With Us). The horgr (altar) of the Cascadian Wolves in the distance
Raised by Wolves
Author Jack Donovan AKA Ofnir performing an initiation ritual in a cave
Wolves prospect Dvallin crosses a frozen lake in Cascadia
Vegtam facing north, under the black sun. His drum is painted with an Ægishjálmur, an Icelandic magical stave known as the “helm of awe"
Invoking Thor the Destroyer
Finnulfr & Sonny
Two Prospects Observe a Sacrifice
Rekkr calls the god Tyr
Vegtam Takes the Oath
Preparing ash in the eye of Odin
Man as Wolf, under the blood moon
Ymirblot in Cascadia, September 2015. Wolves and prospects
Odin is known as “the hanged god,” symbolized here by the noose. In the distance, the runes OAT TH, used to represent the tactical virtues Strength, Courage, Mastery and Honor
Grimnir Applying Ritual Ash to Vegtam Before the Blot
Youthful Magic
Ofnir, surrounded by prospects, whispers about liminoid spaces, Ginnungagap, creation and destruction
Wolf Comforts Sheep
All Life Comes From Death
Solemn Respect for the Death of an Animal
Ritual Galdr For Sacrifice
Reddening the Cuts with the Might of Slaughter
Stained with the Blood of Sacrifice
Prospect Prepares Animal
Paul Waggener (Grimnir) Performing with Fellow Wolves
Two Prospects Struggle For Dominance
Whiskey, Women and Song
Wolves in the Newly Built Hall
Rolling in Cascadia's Back Woods Boxing Ring
Preparing the Feast
Rekkr studies the Poetic Edda
Snow and silence. Hearing the natural world
Midnight in Cascadia
Singing runes in a cave
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