ECETI Ranch. This is not the moon and was not visible to the naked eye.
Vendor at MUFON conference. Las Vegas, NV
UFO Congress 2012
Former director of MUFON (Mutal UFO Network) Las Vegas, NV.
Sedona in Infrared (with no external light source)
UFO books
UFO Congress 2012
Roswell, NM
Tracking crafts with industrial strength laser pointer at ECETI Ranch
Giorgio Tsoukalos at Contact in the Desert. Joshua Tree, CA
Norio Hayakawa in New Mexico
Erich Von Daniken's jacket
Travis Walton - UFO Abductee. 2012. Subject of 1993 film Fire in the Sky
Jim Marrs. Joshua Tree.  2014
Night Vision Sky Watch. Joshua Tree
Dr. David Jacobs. MUFON conference. Las Vegas. 2013
Jim Marrs lecture at Contact in the Desert
Dr. Christian Von Lahr at work
Contact in the Desert Panel
UFO Abductee Travis Walton. Arizona 2011
UFO Fanzines
Linda Moulton Howe lecture at Contact in the Desert
Lloyd Pye & the Starchild Skull. 2012
Cosmic Highway. Colorado
Roswell, NM
ECETI sunset
ECETI stars
Skywatch. Joshua Tree. 2014
Sedona in Infrared
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