"Peter Beste represents the next generation of documentary photographers. His images reflect passion, creativity, and technique. When I first saw his Norwegian Black Metal photographs I was totally blown away. It takes a special kind of photographer to go deep into uncharted lands and capture compelling images without fear. Peter is that person, and I am confident that he will continue to expose us to new and intriguing worlds as his career takes off."

- Jamel Shabazz



"What makes True Norwegian Black Metal, a collection of essays and the work of American photographer Peter Beste intriguing is that it resists tabloid urges and lets the images and artists speak for themselves."




“This book defines Houston hip-hop!”
– Bun B

“This is a book mostly about America. Beste and Walker’s subjects and photos speak for themselves, and leafing through Houston Rap is like breaking into a neighborhood and eavesdropping into its conversation…It’s almost like Studs Terkel’s ‘Working,’ but about people in Houston who may or may not have been rappers and musicians: Their lives are in this book.”
–Noisey / Vice

“A handsome collection of photos by Peter Beste and interviews by Lance Scott Walker that capture the city’s hip-hop history in full.”
–The New York Times

“Sinecure Books’ Houston Rap is a photographic dive into the city’s close-knit, multitude-filled hip-hop scene…provides the incredibly influential but still somehow slept-on region the widescreen attention it deserves.”

“If this weather’s got you interested in curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and a good book, you’re in luck. Sinecure Books has just put out a great one.”
–Houston Press

“An antidote to coffee-table dilettantism.”

“These photos of the lives of Houston rappers are amazing.”
— Vice UK

Texas Monthly

“An astonishing and important insight into a great American cultural narrative”


“An assemblage of images and yarns that offer surprising insight through their raw candor and compassion. It is an honest look at the faces and places of true Houston hustle – not the showboating façade – where rappers are businessmen first and foremost. “

“As far as ‘Books’ is concerned you have put Houston on tha map!
It’s like Church’s Chicken… YOU GOTTA LOVE IT!!!” – Dope E.


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