Ian Mackaye looking through Minor Threat transparency
Freddie Gibbs in LA
Dave from Savage Messiah in London
Dagon of Inquisition
Savage Master. Lauda, Germany
UGK in Port Arthur Texas 2006 (RIP PIMP C)
Abbath of Immortal. Os, Norway
Wolves in the Throne Room. Olympia, Washington
Freddie Gibbs in South Central LA
Willie D of the Geto Boys
Sunn O)))
Behemoth Live
Big Gerb (RIP)
Ian Mackaye with original Out of Step sheep drawing
The Flats. London, 2011
Tuk Smith of Biters in Atlanta
Triptykon. Zurich 2009
Thurston Moore in London. 2013
Freddie Gibbs in LA
Biters in Atlanta
Sæþór Maríus Sæþórsson of Solstafir
Nergal of Behemoth in Death Valley
Einar Selvik of Wardruna in Oregon
Demonaz. Bergen, Norway 2009
La Etnnia in Bogotá
Stockhausen Studios in Cologne, Germany
Gallhammer in Tokyo
Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone in Tokyo
Lee Fields in Memphis for Nike
Inculter. Bergen, Norway
Ganxsta N-I-P in South Park. 2007
Paul Wall in NYC. 2012
Sammy of Goatwhore. New Orleans
Glen Benton of Deicide. Tampa, FL 2007 (cover of Terrorizer mag)
Black Winds of Blasphemy. Vancouver, BC
Uada in Oregon
Windir on my roof in Brooklyn. 2003
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